Opensource FPGA: First Steps with the IceStorm Toolchain

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This blog post gets you started with Project IceStorm, a fully open source Verilog-to-Bitstream flow for iCE40 FPGAs. First we will cover installation of the toolchain on Linux and Mac OS X. Then a simple blinky program is synthesized, routed ... Read more »

A short Haskell FileStore Tutorial

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Haskell package filestore provides an interface for a versioning file store. It uses git, Darcs and Mercurial as a backend. Here's a short walk-through to get you started. Documentation In Data.FileStore.Types you find the most important functions such ... Read more »

Emacs for Haskell

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Haskellers are not exactly blessed with an abundance of IDEs. After trying Vim, Atom and Haskell for Mac I converged on Emacs with the Intero package. First let's run through a selection of alternatives that all have great features but ... Read more »

Build of a FreeNAS based ZFS NAS server

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Why DIY build a NAS? Because it's fun, reasonably cheap, and you control your hardware so you can upgrade any component anytime you like. Truth be told, the replacement for my old ReadyNAS NV+ was long overdue. Back in 2007 ... Read more »

Efficiently recovering data from a bad DVD

Recently I had to get data, mostly tar files, from a backup DVD made 7 years ago. As it turned out, the DVD was mostly unreadable, the filenames appeared but reading the content resulted in I/O errors. So I ... Read more »